Lin, Pan-Yen 林邦彥

Academic Appointments

為恭紀念醫院 精神醫療中心 主治醫師

Attending physician, department of Psychiatry, Wei-Gong memorial hospital


菲律賓 法蒂瑪醫學院

MD degree in Fatima College of Medicine, Philippines

中國醫藥大學 神經科學與認知科學研究所 碩士   

MSc, Graduate institute of neural and cognitive sciences, China medical university, Taiwan

中國醫藥大學 老化醫學博士學位學程 博士候選人

Doctoral candidate, Ph.D. Program for Aging, China medical university, Taiwan

Professional Experiences

  • Attending physician, department of Psychiatry, Wei-Gong memorial hospital
  • Adjunct lecturer, Jen-The Junior college of Medicine, Nursing and Management
  • Department of Education Certified lecturer

Research Interests

General Psychiatry, Geriatric Psychiatry, Psychobiology, Psychopharmacology, Neuroscience


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